4 Best Job Search Websites for IT Professionals

If you’re looking for a fulfilling job in IT, you need to narrow down the list of openings by choosing your top 10 that are most appealing. Then, invest time and attention in applying for these jobs that interest you the most. This strategy is better than sending many non-personalized cover letters and resumes in response to a slew of job postings. To help you find the jobs that deserve a spot on your top 10 list, here’s a list of the four best sites for IT professionals searching for a position.

Open the Glassdoor


Glassdoor is like the granddaddy of company review sites. It gathers reviews and ratings from employees as well as those who have left. Also, this site helps job seekers find postings for which they’re qualified. This dual purpose allows you to find a job at Cisco, for example and then get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be on the payroll.

You can quickly search for IT jobs by using the search box or by going to the popular job searches page where there’s a section dedicated to IT jobs. Once you’re on the IT jobs page, you can find jobs based on type (full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.), when it was posted, and company rating. You’ll find postings from tech corporations as well as hospitals, telecoms, and retail companies.

Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice


Dice.com is a website that focuses on providing information about technology job openings. You can browse available jobs or narrow your search based on geography and job title. This site also lets job seekers browse jobs based on required skills. Because of its targeted emphasis on employment related to technology, Dice should be a go-to resource for anyone hoping to find an IT job.

Find a Job, Indeed

Similar to Glassdoor, Indeed is a one-stop shop for job openings and corporate reviews. You can search by job title, such as IT director, to find a list of opportunities across the U.S. You can filter the search results to view them by salary. In addition, you can rank the results by job type such as full-time and contract.

Indeed is a great resource to help you research companies with openings that spark your interest. For example, visiting the Assurant review page will give you insights from current and former employees on what it’s like to work with this company.

Find a Real Match With the Job Network

Powered by the proprietary Real Match system, this site aims to find the best job openings for each applicant who comes to the site. Once you input your preferences and skills, which you can do anonymously, the site matches you with jobs for which you’re qualified. Thanks to the anonymous aspect of the site, you can review job openings without feeling that you’re putting your current job at risk.

If you’re an IT professional who’s looking for a new job, these are just a few of the websites that can help you. Take time to check out all four of these sites to get the best snapshots of what jobs are available.