About us

Why are you here and why should you read our blog?

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you to Financial Wealth Review!

We started out as a personal finance blog and are slowly but surely evolving into a multi-authored magazine that covers: tips, strategies, and opinionated advice on everything small business, investing, personal finance, and a little bit of everything in between. Posts by FWR staff is from our staff of writers, and individual freelance writers have their unique author’s box.  Our Author’s have written for some of the biggest name companies: The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Insider Monkey, and more. The biggest advantage to having multiple authors is that they bring a different perspective and opinion. We are fully confident that we can enrich you on your personal and business endeavors!

Why We Started This Blog

We’ll be honest with you, we’re not passionate about personal finance. It’s not our expertise. This really shouldn’t turn you off, though. Did you know that that Steve Jobs wasn’t passionate about technology? Would that make you want to throw your fancy new iPad away? Nope. When you hear successful entrepreneurs say “be passionate about WHAT you do” – Meaning, be passionate for the generalities of entrepreneurship, being part of a team, and reaping the satisfaction of creating a business from the ground up. Think about it. What if every entrepreneur started a business just because they were passionate about the particular kind of product or service? Compare how many people like sports to how many people like brushing their teeth. A lot of sports business owners are passionate for sports. But, that toothpaste you use: Colgate, Crest, whatever – as you know are businesses. I’m sure William Colgate was legitimately passionate for brushing his teeth – /sarcasam.

We know the importance of personal finance, so we started this business to help us increase our financial knowledge as well as yours, hence the motto “Self education will make you a fortune.”  Gaining value entrepreneurial lessons while learning about valuable subjects is why we love running this website.

Even if we do fail with Financial Wealth Review; it will NOT discourage us to start another business. Yet, it will give us the fire, and the knowledge to ultimately become successful!


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