Are Vampires A Good Investment?

Are Vampires A Good Investment?

Depositphotos_14899649_xsWe know vampires are very popular among teens in these modern times of decadence. Should you add a little blood to your investment portfolio?

Is The Walt Disney Company writing the next blockbuster vampire franchise?

Unless you are a billionaire trapped on a desert island for 5 years like Oliver Queen you already know what Twilight means. We could not invest in Twilight back in 2008 because Summit was a private company. However, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF) decided to buy them for $412 million in 2012

Produced with a large budget of $120 million The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 sold almost $800 million in tickets worldwide in just 42 days. The digital version (This includes a traditional Pay Per View on TV, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and other companies) usually comes before the Blu-Ray Disc and DVD.

The Blu-Ray Disc and DVD was released on March 2, 2013. After that, they will sell the premium channel rights for dozens of millions to television channels without commercials like HBO (NYSE: TWX), Showtime (NYSE: CBS), Starz (NYSE: STRZA) or Epix. (NYSE: VIA, NYSE: LGF) After that, they will sell the rights to Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), Verizon (NYSE: VZ), the networks like ABC (NYSE: DIS) , NBC (NYSE: CMCSA), CBS (NYSE: CBS), Fox (NYSE: NWS) or CW. (NYSE: TWX, NYSE: VIA)

We are talking billions of dollars in profits. It’s going to take a few years until you can watch this film on ABC. After that, they are going to start over with a newer version with a higher budget than the original which was just $37 million and bigger stars than Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson which are very big now but unknown at the time for the next generation of teens. This happens all the time since the first silent films which were later filmed again but with sound and then films in black and white were filmed again in color and films in color where filmed again in 3D.

In 2007 I went to see the film “I am legend” starring Will Smith which is preceded by “The Omega men” from 1971 starring Charlton Heston (If you are younger, you may not know him but he was as big as Will Smith back in the day) which is preceded by “The last man on Earth” from 1968 starring Vincent Price (He provided the sinister laugh at the end of the song Thriller by Michael Jackson)

If you have a baby and you want to send him or her to Harvard or any other Ivy League school 18 years from now then all you have to do is buy a few shares of Lionsgate every time you get a paycheck and when his or her friends ask your son or daughter -What does your father do?- he or she will tell them -He owns Edward Cullen since 2013-

Most people suggest to invest in water or cemeteries because we will always need them. Vampires are immortal and a safe investment for the long term.

Time Warner has been making money from vampires for decades. More recently they produced the television shows The Vampire Diaries which is currently in its fifth season and True Blood which is currently in its sixth season.

This article is about long term investments which means I must tell you about the television shows that are not yet on the air but that they may one day many years from now be created by talented and creative writers and directors.

American Vampire is an Eisner award-winning comic book written by Stephen King and Scott Snyder which I believe will be turned into a television series in the future after the previously mentioned television shows are cancelled.

You cannot make an article about vampires without talking about The Walt Disney Company because they hold two of the coolest vampires ever: Blade and Morbius.

Blade starring Wesley Snipes was a huge success in 1998 and two sequels came after that and then a television show which lasted only for a season.

It is highly likely that The Walt Disney Company will hire Wesley Snipes after his release from the Federal Prison this July 19, 2013 or they could start over with a bigger budget and hire an actor like Denzel Washington, Will Smith or even Robert Downey Junior which we all know can play an Afro-American character (He was nominated for an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in Tropic Thunder)

I don’t know who will be hired to play Morbius but Robert Pattinson seems like the right man for the job. Water for elephants grossed over $117 million.

Where should I invest my money if I am a vampire?
Energizer (ENR)

How do I make money?
Just buy The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner and Lionsgate and hold them until you die (Hopefully your cause of death won’t be a nasty bite)

If you are investing for the long term then you need some blood in your portfolio. Lionsgate is too small to survive on its own. At some point in time in the future a bigger corporation will buy it.