Entrepreneurs: You Need to Know when to Stop + MORE

Global Tile has reached an important milestone – twenty five years in business. This New Zealand business is an importer and distributor of ceramic and porcelain tiles and related products.  Over the past quarter century Global Tile has forged exclusive relationships with  European manufacturers including TAU Ceramica of Spain, a global market leader of supreme […

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Stressed out? Feeling like you can’t take it anymore? Don’t let it ruin your life. Use these 10 tips to beat stress.

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Personal finance expert and author Linsey Knerl tells AllBusiness.com about the best ways for home-based businesses to save money while building a fully functional home office.

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New graduates can give your company a fresh way of looking at business problems. Here are five steps for hiring the best and brightest of the class of 2013.

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Do My Workers Need a 401K Plan?

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Curious to whether you should be offering a 401K plan to your workers?
There are many changes that have made 401K plans easier to get for any business, even the small business start-up.
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The worst possible way to jeopardize your entrepreneurial career is to hang on a dying business, which suck the life out your financial resources. How can I be so sure about this? Well, read on…

Let me tell you my favorite entrepreneurial true story.
There is a guy with a simple but big dream: His dream was to become an entrepreneur and be financially independent to retire early…

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Tips for Business Travelers

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Every so often, business people travel for work and in most cases traveling for a few days. If you’re of that rare breed in between who aren’t expats but are staying for an extended period of time (anywhere between weeks to a few months), it’s time to plan the logistics of an extended stay…

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