Facebook roundup: IPO anniversary, Glassdoor ratings, HTC First, more + MORE

Facebook roundup: IPO anniversary, Glassdoor ratings, HTC First, more + MORE

Facebook brings new Offers format to AndroidFacebook today announced that its new version of Offers with larger images and calls to action are now available on Android.
In February, the social network began testing the new layout on desktop with an option to shop immediately or get a reminder before the promotion ends. The interface also lets users decide if and when to share the offer with friends…

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Facebook roundup: IPO anniversary, Glassdoor ratings, HTC First, moreFacebook shares down 31 percent since IPO 1 year ago – Facebook shares closed today at $26.25, up $0.12 from yesterday but down 31 percent since the company’s initial public offering on May 18, 2012. Despite a new focus on monetization, particularly on mobile, Facebook hasn’t instilled confidence in investors in its first year as a public company…

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You Can Help Share The Last Wish Of A Suffering Child On TwitterThis continues our Pay It Forward Friday series.
No one likes to see sick children, it’s depressing and makes us worry for our own little ones. But would you be willing to put that discomfort aside for a moment and help ease their suffering?
Hope so. Because all it takes is a tweet to help share a child’s last wish – and the smiles you’ll create in return are well worth this tiny bit of your time…

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Social Media Jobs: KBS+, Newsday, Time Inc
This week, KBS+ is hiring a community manager, while Newsday needs a social media coordinator. Time Inc. is hiring a social media editor for RealSimple.com, and Moosylvania is on the hunt for a director of social media. Get the scoop on these openings below, and find additional social media jobs on Mediabistro…

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Customer service requests are only useful if someone hears (and responds) to them. Nevahold is a startup from Ghana trying to help customers get their voices heard.
Nevahold is a platform where people rally together to get the attention of large companies. Users compose a “shout” and share it with the community to rally support for their cause…

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Facebook notifies page owners of engaging posts, tries other tactics to encourage Promoted PostsAs Facebook looks to convert more page owners into advertisers, it is trying even more new ways to highlight its Promoted Posts product.
Some users are now receiving notifications when one of their page posts performs better than average. The notification encourages page owners to advertise the post to get “even better results…

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Mobile Marketing: How to Get Started

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Do you use mobile marketing for business? Are you wondering how to get started? To learn how mobile marketing and social connect, I interview Jamie Turner for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner…

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Facebook hires and departures: Japan, DC, legal, global marketing, measurement, moreFacebook has hired Atsushi Iwashita as its Managing Director in Japan, according to AsiaJin. Iwashita was most recently CEO of brand consultancy firm Interbrand Japan and previously served as CMO of McDonald’s Japan. Facebook has been growing quickly in the region, recently surpassing local competitor Mixi…

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App Delivers 'Virtual Placebo' to Improve Your Health
Researchers from PlaceboEffect.com are raising funds through Indiegogo to create an app that administers a virtual placebo. No pills, no doctors — just pictures.
Here’s how it works: You begin the experience by choosing which lifestyle aspect you’d like to change — say, quitting smoking or decreasing stress — before scheduling an alarm-like reminder to “take it” each day…

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Facebook careers: public policy, event planning, creative solutions, ad ops, moreFacebook added 29 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the user operations, public policy and global marketing teams.
New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

Software Engineer (London)
Construction Project Manager (Contract) (Singapore)
Executive Assistant, Public Policy (Washington)
Communications Manager (Sydney)
Manager, Public Policy, EMEA (Brussels)
Localization Project Manager (Contract) (Menlo Park)
IT Infrastructure Manager (Menlo Park)
Technology Partner (Contract) (Dublin)
eCrime Investigator (Austin – Menlo Park)
Manager, Global Compensation (Menlo Park)
People Operations (HR) Partner Lead (Menlo Park)
Technical Lead Recruiter (London)
Training and Development Program Manager (Menlo Park)
Building Automation Controls Engineer (Altoona)
Creative Strategist, Global Creative Solutions (Tokyo)
Event Manager (Menlo Park)
Ad Operations Coordinator (Contract) (Dublin)
Strategic Client Services Coordinator (Dublin)
Team Lead, Ads Integrity (Austin)
Team Lead, Payment Operations (Austin)
Analyst, User Operations Intellectual Property (Menlo Park)
Analyst, User Operations, Turkish (Dublin)
Intellectual Property Analyst, User Operations (Menlo Park)
Intellectual Property Associate, User Operations (Menlo Park)
Account Manager (Hamburg)
Strategic Partner Development, Mobile Gaming (Menlo Park)
Executive Assistant (São Paulo)
SMB Analyst, Hebrew (Dublin)
Client Partner – Tech, Telco & Entertainment, Global Marketing Solutions (Sydney)

Who else is hiring? The Inside Network Job Board presents a survey of current openings at leading companies in the industry…

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Today, thanks to the maturation of the web, digital tech, and smartphones now in seemingly every pocket, startups are finding it easier than ever before to build scalable solutions to finally address the many inefficiencies in our food manufacturing, production and distribution systems.
As interest in food tech balloons, one area in particular appears to already be at the tipping point: Online and mobile food delivery…

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YouTube’s ‘One Channel’ Design Becomes Permanent on June 5th
If you haven’t already opted in to YouTube’s ‘One Channel’ redesign, you’ll want to start getting familiar with the new look and features. While some have been experimenting with the new version, the transition is about to become mandatory.
Launched in a limited trial in February, the redesign creates a consistent experience on browsers across all screens and devices…

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Yahoo reportedly moving forward with Tumblr acquisition as its board mulls $1.1B all-cash offerAccording to Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, Yahoo’s board will meet in two days time on Sunday to vote to approve a $1.1 billion cash offer for Tumblr, the popular blogging service and social destination.
That the offer is to be all cash is surprising, given that Yahoo’s stock has enjoyed a renaissance in recent months following the installation of Marissa Mayer as its CEO; the value of its shares have risen, which could have made them a more useful, or attractive bargaining chip…

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