Facebook updates iPhone app with stickers and Chat Heads; iPad gets new design + MORE

In recent months, the iOS App Store has filled with “smart” calendars like Sunrise, Tempo, and Cue, for example, but despite its name, a new Tel Aviv-based startup called Calendo isn’t trying to directly compete with these types of applications. Instead of better managing your calendar for you, Calendo wants to help you fill it by making sure that you don’t miss out on events you would have otherwise attended…

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Google Glass Records Google Glass 'Unboxing'

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Google Glass Records Google Glass 'Unboxing'
OK, not exactly. Dan McLaughlin, one of the first people to receive Google Glass, only has one pair of the device, but he is using it to show us the packaging and contents of the Google Glass box
It’s one of the first real-world usages of Google Glass, and the video — unearthed by Droid Life and recorded in 720p resolution — is a perfect example of how Google Glass can be useful
Let’s face it: unboxing videos aren’t easy to record with a fixed camera, and having a cellphone or a camera in your hand while trying to unbox the product with another is a nightmare…

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Barley is a simple, gorgeous-looking WYSIWYG Website editor from Viddler’s ex-tech evangelistHave you ever had to deal with trying to make changes onto a site? Imagine being able to add, edit, or delete content and images right from any given page on a site without needing to log into WordPress or any other admin system. This is what Barley is doing and will begin letting others implement on their own sites beginning May 1…

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Mayer Says Yahoo! Is Now ‘A Really Terrific Place to Work’In her first quarter earnings call last night, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer revealed her progress in acquiring and retaining talent —the first phase in what she called a “series of sprints” to improve the company’s performance.
Over the last quarter, Mayer said she implemented more than 567 employee–focused initiatives, notably a new program for employees to test and try to improve the latest products…

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Facebook tests ad placements on Graph Search results page, not related to queriesFacebook began a small test today that inserts FBX and Marketplace ads between pages of Graph Search results, a spokesperson tells us. These ads are not targeted by a user’s search query.
Like the ads on the right hand column of Facebook.com and ads that appear in the lightbox view of photos, the ads on the Graph Search results page are targeted to an audience based on interests, demographics or data from the Facebook Exchange or Custom Audiences, for example…

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Rovi deal gives Facebook data for building out entertainment, video platformFacebook today announced a deal with Rovi Corporation to use Rovi Video, a database of information about movies, TV shows and celebrities that can be used to improve search and discovery across its platform.
Rovi’s data helps power experiences like on-screen TV guides, iTunes, Flixter, BestBuy…

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Facebook tests larger photos and icons to increase the prominence of linksFacebook is testing a new link format with larger photos and no headline or summary. Another test looks the same as other link posts, but includes a small icon in the bottom right corner to indicate which site the link is to.
With the first test, an image takes up the full width of News Feed, appearing as large as photo posts but being clickable to a third-party website…

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Facebook Begins Testing Graph Search Ads

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Facebook Begins Testing Graph Search Ads
Facebook kicked off another test this week that places FBX and Marketplace ads between pages of Graph Search results. But instead of being targeted to search queries, these ads use standard targeting and retargeting and appear at the bottom of the page — only if there’s more than one page of results…

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Relying Too Heavily on Facebook Ads is a Big MistakeFacebook ads are a big deal, an important tool, and powerful. But, marketers are relying on them more than we should.
We’re Out of Balance
This, to me, is a mistake.
Not because there is anything inherently wrong with advertising or Facebook advertising as a way to spread your message, but because marketers have thrown the budget balance out of whack…

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Facebook updates iPhone app with stickers and Chat Heads; iPad gets new designFacebook today announced updates for its iOS apps, which bring new messaging features to iPhone and the new News Feed design to both the iPad and iPhone.
Facebook will begin offering “stickers,” which are larger emoji that are popular in Asian messaging apps like Line, KakaoTalk and WeChat…

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Check Out NeedTagger, Twitter Search On Steroids

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Check Out NeedTagger, Twitter Search On Steroids
One of the ways to get the most out of your time on Twitter is by utilizing Advanced Search.
When you use Twitter as a search engine, you put yourself on the power end of the data firehose, rather than in its direct path, sputtering among the hundreds of tweets you see streaming past.
A great tool I just came across that kicks Twitter’s search function up a notch is called NeedTagger…

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Source: VentureBeatMeteor Entertainment’s Hawken is a hot downloadable web game
U.S. digital game sales in March grew to $875 million, up 2.9 percent from a year ago. The data reflect weakness in social networking games and growth in mobile.
Market researcher SuperData said the digital games category — which includes mobile, social, and online games — was stable in March, up 1…

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