Good Technology Investment Ideas

Good Technology Investment Ideas

Investing in any company is a gamble. With millions of companies existing across the globe it can be hard to decide which ones are worth investing in, either to make a profit in the future or that you feel are spearheading a worthwhile cause.

There are stories of people investing just a couple of pounds and ending up with thousands but also instances where people have pumped in plenty of cash and watched it all disappear. One sector that has been constantly booming in the past decade or two is technology. There are plenty of areas within technology that look set to deliver a good return on investment.

3D Printers

3D printing is the future of printing. Of course there will still be a need for 2D printing but the possibilities of 3D printing are getting nearly everyone excited. Everything from small items to houses are being touted as possibilities to be made using a 3D printer. At the moment they are only really used in businesses and for industrial purposes but are expected to become more widely available and in homes in the next few years. This makes it a great time to begin investing in 3D printing stocks.

Cloud Computing

Whatever industry you work in it’s likely you’ll have come across cloud computing at one point or another in your professional life. If not, you’re bound to have made use of it through your smartphone, DropBox or various other applications. There are many companies that offer cloud computing services, such as Gradwell, that are worth investing in as their business should be set to increase.

Electric Cars

The demand for cleaner energy has been growing and finally hybrid and electric cars are making a significant impact upon the global market. By 2015 over 740,000 electric cars were on the roads across the world, with the trend on a dramatic upturn that is sure to continue as the price for producing and selling such vehicles drops. Most major car manufacturers have at least one all-electric vehicle but there are other brands focusing purely on them that can be worth investing in.


Drones are also becoming more popular, both for recreational and professional use. Amazon is set to trail delivery by drones while the army and other nations’ armed forces are already using them for espionage purposes. Plus they seemed a popular present at Christmas for children and adults alike to fly them around, so could be worth paying attention to in the future.