How to Afford a Quality New Car

How to Afford a Quality New Car

There are hundreds of articles out there handing out advice about how to afford your next car, but many of these often focus on getting the cheapest one possible. If you’re someone who seeks out luxury at any point possible then trundling around in a used Vauxhall Corsa may not be up your street.

Instead there are many ways you can afford a top quality fresh vehicle, whether brand new or used. This way you’ll be able to drive around in a classy motor without breaking the bank, look professional when you turn up to work and flash around town.

Choose a Classic

There are numerous classic cars that can be purchased for a lot lower value than when they were first released. Of course it will depend on which model you are after, as there are certain ones that rocket in price after a certain period. Though these can prove a good investment opportunity for those able to afford them. Seeing as most cars depreciate in value it can be worth looking at reliable older models, even if they’re only ten or fifteen years old, as you can find massive savings on them and still get a quality automobile.

Consider Leasing

Car leasing has many benefits as it allows you to drive a brand new, top of the range vehicle without paying for it outright. Instead there is a monthly cost and proposed leasing length, usually one or two years, which makes it flexible and easy to budget for. There are no worries about depreciation, although this is because you won’t own the car at the end of the leasing period. You also might want to consider places like car title loans Texas.

Go Small

Bigger isn’t always better. The stereotype for fancy American cars being oversized may sometimes be true but there are thousands of quality small cars available, along with smaller price tags. From the Audi A1 to the BMW Z4, these can prove affordable both new and used, adding a touch of class to your driving experience.


If you are desperate for a brand new luxury vehicle or want to pay for one upfront then it will take some financial planning. Work out a timescale for when you want to buy a new car, how much you will need to save and how to go about it. This could involve cutting back on other areas of your life, such as spending less on holidays or food and drink, to be able to afford it. Those determined will be able to afford a quality car sooner rather than later.