How To Find A Loan To Get You Through The Rough Times

How To Find A Loan To Get You Through The Rough Times

When financially rough times hit, it’s tempting to bury your head in the sand and pretend it will all blow over. But as unexpected repairs, surprise expenses, and other bills start to put stress on your budget, wilful ignorance of your situation can do more harm than good. It’s better to face your situation head-on and accept the fact you need to apply for a loan.


Realizing you need to borrow money can come with feelings of shame and anxiety. Admitting that you need help is never easy, but it’s better than the alternative. Pretending that everything is fine when it isn’t will only guarantee a higher pile of bills that will put you into deeper debt. A loan can help you make payments on your short-term goals or one-time expenses, making debt more manageable. The key is to borrow responsibly from direct online lenders.

Stick to small dollar amounts for your loan. Though you might feel tempted totake out a larger loan, it can set you up for failure. You’re responsible for the repayment of your loan, no matter its size. If it’s large enough to be outside of your current capabilities to pay back within a monththen you’ll struggle to meet your loan’s due date. As a result, you’ll incur late-fee penalties and even more interest, which translates into even more money owed.

Considering you opted for a loan to get yourself out of debt, this scenario isn’t one you can afford. Be sure your direct online lender issues loans no greater than $1,000 to first time customers. By limiting your loan to this amount, you’ll have the means to pay off whatever expense you need without the risk of financial ruin.

Trusted direct online lenders will go even further in providing responsible loans. Many of these lenders understand that the reason why their clients apply for loans isn’t universal. Therefore, their loans aren’t either. Reputable lenders will provide flexible repayment plans in the form of single-pay loans, installment loans, and personal line of credit loans. For those who can repay their loan all at once after their next pay day, a single-pay loan is available; for those that need to pay their loans in separate installments, installment and personal line of credit loans are preferable.

The way a lender determines your candidacy for each loan depends on the rates and terms that they offer, so it’s important to do your research. Stick to direct online lenders that are licensed to do business in your state, and then spend time reading their rates and terms. As a rapidly growing company across the US, MoneyKey is the leading direct online lender in several states. You can find out how MoneyKey works by exploring their website. As a state licensed lender focused on offering financially healthy loans, their website is easy to navigate with clear wording and easy-to-read content.

Once you realize how a trusted direct online lender can help you during the rough times, asking for money doesn’t loan to this amount or shameful anymore. Don’t ignore your financial difficulties. Face your bills head-on and let a small dollar loan help you cover unexpected expenses.