Should We Hire Will Smith To Act In Independence Day 2 and 3?

Should We Hire Will Smith To Act In Independence Day 2 and 3?

Hancock  Premiere - Los Angeles, CADean Devlin and Roland Emmerich wrote Independence Day starring a young Will Smith. (He was only 28 at the time) in 1996. The budget was $75,000,000. ($106,000,000 Adjusted for inflation) and has generated at least a billion so far including movie tickets, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, UMDs and more recently digital downloads from Apple iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

This theoretical article explores the possibility of crowdfunding the sequels by ten million of us buying $30 shares trading on the NASDAQ with the symbol WILL

Will Smith is the biggest star on this planet right now and he knows it

The scripts are finished and News (NWS) wants to finance and distribute the films because Will Smith comes with a 100% probability of success according to Forbes Magazine Star Currency Celebrity Ranking. The original Director Roland Emmerich has been extremely successful with films like Godzilla; The Thirteen Floor; The Patriot; The Day After Tomorrow; 10,000 B.C. and 2012 to name a few. Whatever amount of cash he asks, he gets.

Rupert Murdoch is the Chairman and CEO of News and he is now 82 years old and I don’t want to wait until he dies to see this film. He will probably outlive all of us. He belongs to a very tough generation that experienced the Great War or First World War and the Second World War.

It’s tough growing up without a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, MasterCard (Founded in 1966) and Visa (Founded in 1945) and he cannot understand this new era of young entrepreneurs like Tom Hanks which has been very successful with Playtone or Oprah Winfrey which was actually nominated for an Academy Award for her work with Steven Spielberg. He does not want to make less money than them. Despite the fact that you cannot make Mission Impossible 5 without Tom Cruise or The Matrix 4 without Keanu Reeves or Transcendence 2 without Johnny Depp. Will Smith wants $76,000,000 because he wants to break the record for the highest annual earnings for a film actor currently held by Johnny Depp according to Guinness World of Records.

Rupert Murdoch wants to make this film without Will Smith. It appears he has forgotten he already did exactly the same error in 1997 when he hired Jason Patric to play the role of Keanu Reeves in Speed 2. If you have not seen this film then you are truly blessed. Avoid it like the Black Death.


The Resilient Idea

File for an IPO for a new film company simply called Will Smith and sell 10,000,000 shares at $30 on NASDAQ with the symbol WILL.

This new company has only one asset: A contract signed by Will Smith where he agrees to star in these films for $76,000,000 and also agrees to star in a third untitled film if the audiences don’t buy enough tickets to recover our original investment for $1

Both sequels will be shot at the same time to save cash.

Every shareholder will get a golden movie ticket to watch the film in the movie theater for as many times as he likes. Later he will receive a package with the DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, Digital Copy, Blu-Ray Disc 3D and if the shareholder has a Sony Playstation 4 and a 4K TV then he can stream this film in 4K

Dividends will be distributed several times over time: The day of the premiere, the day of the home release, the day of the Netflix or Amazon or Hulu release, the day of the HBO or Showtime or Starz or Epix release, the day of the basic cable television release and eventually the day of the network television release.

After that, every dollar will be used to buy back as many shares as possible and obviously to finance the next Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden Smith and/or Willow Smith film.

How do I make money?

News is a very safe investment. It’s hard to lose money with this company but it’s also hard to grow faster with a business model designed decades ago.


If you know somebody who works at Overbrook Entertainment then send him this article. Will Smith is already the biggest star in the galaxy and he should not be working for Hollywood but for Earth.