The Misconceptions with Social Security: Are You Misinformed?

There are a lot of speculations and bad connotations regarding social security and its ability to provide for the citizens of the United States of America. Many people who don’t fully understand the concept of government funding through social security immediately conclude, without the thought that there is something wrong with the system.

Most Common Misconceptions About The Status of Social Security

 So what do people commonly conclude wrongly or misguidedly about the social security system of the US? Here is a list of the most popular hits in the Internet posted by people who may not know any better or have been brainwashed to think the least of this government sect.


  1. That social security has no more money and is already going down the drain.
  2. There is a bleak future in front of all those supported or to be supported by the social security system.
  3. The social security system struggles to maintain an equilibrium with increase life expectancy rates.
  4. The social security is a burden to the already crippled US government.
  5. Social security only benefits the retirees.


Where are All these Negativity Coming From?


To explain why all the above stated misconceptions are false or flawed would be like defending something that isn’t to be defended in the first place. So instead of taking the time of day to debate about the facts that social security is strong and the solid government sect providing the needs of young, old, unemployed, employed, retired and many more, try to understand where the negativity is emerging from.


  • Lack of proper education about the social security system and its functions and responsibilities.
  • People with denied social security requests and assistance due to several unwanted factors.
  • Bias for the people currently behind the system’s operation and administration.
  • Anxiety and fear that the system will cave in with the administration’s crisis and struggle.
  • Misguided judgment from other people and so much more.


The Great Service of The Social Security System

 What makes this system stand tall and strong throughout the years of struggle and economic crisis is its ability to properly distribute the funding provided by the working class of the country. Its services range from different kinds of financial assistance and funding projects and of course retirement plans for those who have served well for the people for so many years.

It can be unfortunate that many people think so lowly of this government sect, yet they do not realize the impact that it does and will do to their lives. It is only but fair to take responsibility and learn for yourself about the inner workings of the social security system so that you can eventually spread the word of its service to American citizens. As Americans, it’s the least we can do.

With the right kind of thinking and perception, people will eventually learn to respect the ways and operation of the system and be able to appreciate the value that it places on every working person’s life in America.