The Top 3 Ways an Accountant Could Aid When Writing a Business Plan

The Top 3 Ways an Accountant Could Aid When Writing a Business Plan

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When writing a business plan there are lots of different things to consider. From design and development to operations and management and even financial factors, it can all get a little bit overwhelming. Whether you’re struggling with market analysis or plotting for potential business growth and market trends, a little advice from a qualified accountant could be just the ticket. Here are the top 3 ways that an accountant could aid you when writing your business plan:


Although traditionally the financial aspects are always located at the back of a business plan, the financial factors determine the rest of the document. You can’t work out what resources you can afford without knowing your financial position. By working with an accountant in the early stages, you’ll be able to draw up the rest of the plan much quicker and with more accuracy than by using guess work. An expert within the industry, such as Just Accountants, will be experienced enough to ensure your plan is as accurate and methodical as possible so all your predictions and calculations are correct.

Future Prospects

If you ever want to expand or sell your business, writing your plan with an accountant is a great way to budget for that. It’s vital that your business plan is as accurate and informative as possible in order to predict future growth. By writing your business plan together with an accountant you can be certain that all aspects are as numerically informative as possible with the financial benefits and prospects at the forefront.


If an accountant is already looking after your books to keep everything in order then it’s likely they’ll have a really good idea of what position your business is in. Someone who is used to looking at your finances on a monthly basis will be able to help out with planning resources. Having an accountant help means that you’ll have the right numbers for VAT returns and queries.

Ensuring that your financial projections are correct is crucial to making a business plan that works and helps drive your business forward. A quality business plan is vital for potential future ventures such as expansion, upselling an applying for funding requests. Choosing the right accountant who you trust and can rely on, could perfect way to grow your business and watch it expand further.