Top 5 Famous Investors to Imitate

Top 5 Famous Investors to Imitate

money signImitating investors is not a bad idea especially if you need investment help. The world of business is not really about being original. It is about being able to make something great out of an existing idea. And in the world of investment, investment help is much needed from famous investors.

You need to learn how to imitate the strategies of investors and apply it on your own business strategies to be able to come up with a good plan. You don’t have to imitate everything, though. It is not a good idea to blindly copy famous investors just because they are known and have already established their wealth through investment.

Every person is different. Every opportunity that comes their way is different. That is why you need to do things your own way, while mimicking the advantageous strategies if investors that have already made legendary achievements.

Investors to Imitate

Warren Buffet is one of the most famous investors in the world. He is a value investor who made billions by purchasing shares in bargain and making high returns on equity from those shares.

Buffet is making millions out of his business ventures by following his principle Mr. Market, which his mentor, Benjamin Graham, has influenced him. Buffet was able to see the true value of a business regardless of the current market value of the business that business owners deem. Thus, he is able to make great profits when the crisis eases and Buffet is able to make big profit by either managing the business or selling it for a much higher price during high time.

  • George Soros

George Soros should not only be imitated because of his investment strategy. Aside from his successful investment endeavor through his reflexivity strategy, Soros should be mimicked because of his support to human rights advocacy.

Soros base his investing approach from the flow of the market and the interaction of the business people with it – cause and effect strategy, which brought him huge profits.

  • Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was the founder of the Mr. Market strategy – focusing on value investing. Graham’s strategy of buying stocks much lower than their value during crisis, has been followed by other famous investors like Warren Buffet and Irving Kahn who have proved that the principle that Graham taught them was effective and efficient.

  • Walter Schloss

If you are looking for an investor who has started low and managed his way to the top, you should mimic Walter Schloss. Schloss did not attend college but was able to get a job at Wall Street as a runner. He was able to build his own firm after he left Graham’s company and managed to build his wealth through smart investing and managing other people’s money.

  • Irving Kahn

Irving Kahn is the oldest active investor alive. He was also a disciple of Graham. He is a value investor who takes time to evaluate a business and wait for the right time to purchase stocks at low costs. He has become one of the most famous investors not only because of his success in investing. Kahn is also recognized because he is still actively managing the firm that he had built with his sons at the age of 107.

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