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Four Unexpected Ways Your Home Insurance Can Help in Sticky Situations


Purchasing and owning a house is both a rewarding and hectic experience. With so much that can go wrong with a house and property, it is crucial to have home insurance to cover everything. Murphy’s Law may not have been written specifically about your deed, but it is important to understand that problems will inevitably arise. With a policy in place, these problems can be minimized and, at times, avoided altogether.

5 Myths About Home Insurance Demystified


Have you ever wondered which is worse?

A devastating earthquake or picking up the pieces of life after surviving such an earthquake?

Perhaps the second one requires more resilience and determination. It also requires the hand of providence and of-course good planning habits.

It would be a shattering to see one’s home crumbling in front of their eyes and would be all the more depressing if the house is not insured.

There are certain myths with regards to home insurance and through this article, we attempt to de-construct such myths:

Common Questions About a Home Insurance Claim


For the unfamiliar, the insurance claim process is quite confusing. Here, we bring a scenario involving a homeowner’s wish to have a claim processed along with the most common questions posed to the professionals. It is our hope that through the dissipation of these along with the answers, the topic will become clearer and the process will not be seen as daunting.

How would a leading insurance carrier handle a home claim in regard to payment?

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Home Insurance


Like other types of insurance policies, you have to take your time to choose the right one. Typically, a home insurance policy may cost based on the coverage level, deductible size, age and location of the home. Given below are a few things that you may want to consider when buying home insurance.

1. Protection

As a homeowner, you may need to buy home insurance in order to protect your home and properly. Even if you want to rent, you need insurance for protection. As a matter of fact, everyone wants protection in case of accidents or injury.

Home Insurance Nightmare


Jen showered away the soap on her legs. Standing in a cloud of steam, she wondered why she still heard a rush of water after she turned the shower off. As she opened the door to her shower stall, the rushing water sound got louder! Confused, she looked at the shower head, which she could see clearer now that the hot water steam had begun to dissipate. No water sprayed from the shower. As she stepped out of her shower stall onto her tiled bathroom floor, her foot landed in a pool of cold water!

Home Insurance Explained

Property (family house) insurance protection concept. Insurance agent complete wooden model of the house with last piece with text insurance, office in background.

Congratulations! You’re about to become a full-fledged homeowner. Before you let the drawn-out home buying process pass and you begin to bask in the first moments of home ownership, be sure to be on top of the home insurance process.

After putting so much time, effort and money into buying your new home, you’re going to want to be sure your home has the proper coverage it needs.