The Best Chase Credit Cards for Every Budget and Every Lifestyle

Modern life is dependent on credit cards. It’s almost impossible to leave behind these small plastic cards. It has become a necessity to buy at low prices or book flights online. It is difficult to choose the right card, but Chase credit cards offer the best option.

Chase Bank offers the largest selection of credit cards. There are almost as many options to meet the needs of everyone, from every walk of life to every budget. Card deals offer very low interest rates to help keep customers out of financial trouble.

The Chase category system makes it easier to find the right Chase credit cards. It serves three key demographics: students, retirees, and general consumers. There are a variety of cards available for each category that will suit any situation.

1. Cards for general consumers

General consumers have the best Chase credit cards. They are those that offer affordable access to products or services. There are three key cards available: the Freedom Card (the Platinum Card), the Sapphire Card (the Sapphire Card) These cards can be obtained based on income and past history.

First-time applicants will be granted a limited credit limit as they are not yet familiar with their spending habits. Low interest rates are always preferable. Freedom Card cardholders have the option to receive an introductory offer at 0% APR with no annual fees. Purchases qualify for $50 credit.

The Platinum Card is designed for intermediate cardholders who have a history of paying their bills on time. Purchases are exempt from interest if they are made on time and in regular intervals.

Sapphire Chase is for experienced cardholders. The cardholder will automatically be credited 10,000 points earned through the rewards program after the first purchase.

2. Cards for Students

Because they don’t always have enough money to buy food, students find credit cards a valuable tool. Credit cards allow them to keep their stocks topped up and also provide a way to pay their utility bills. Chase cards for students are the best because they offer a 0% annual rate and no annual fees.

They are usually offered at a low rate of interest and the rewards system is based upon what are called Karma points. These points can be shared via Facebook and are earned when a purchase occurs. You can get certain items at a discounted price, such as DVDs or selected electronic gadgets.

These cards can be used to avoid falling for the credit trap. Advice is available online and by phone to help students manage Chase credit cards.

3. Retiree Cards

Most retirees don’t have any income source or very little. While retirement may be a time for relaxation and rest, retirees are eager to get out and do things. The Senior Rewards Platinum Chase card is the best for seniors.

As you would expect, the introductory offer includes 0% APR and no annual fees. Cardholders can use the card at very low interest rates and feel free to do so as often as they wish. You can also get discounts from retail, service and hospitality providers.

With a Chase credit card, senior citizens can travel and enjoy their lives again with the Chase Senior Citizen Credit Card.

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